Lecturer Profile

    Armin Mau

    Armin on õppinud kopteri ametipiloodiks Tartu Lennukolledžis (praegune Eesti Lennuakadeemia). Peale Eesti on lendamine viinud teda õppima ja töötama Saksamaale, Norrasse ning Suurbritanniasse. NAA lennukoolis annab Armin praktilist lennukoolitust kopteril Robinson 44.
    Nordic Aviation Academy

    Erapiloodi praktika helikopteril

    48,600 €

    A private pilot has the right to operate as a captain or co-pilot on non-commercial flights in helicopters complying with the type rating indicated on the permit. The initial licence permits you to fly during the day in visual flight conditions in piston-model single-engine helicopters, which are classified as single-pilot aircraft (e.g. the Robinson 22, […]

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