Lecturer Profile

    Tiit Soorm

    Tiit performed his first solo flight in a glider in 1973. He studied powered aircraft at an aviation club in the late 1980s. His plane model at the time was a single-engine Wilga 35 made in Poland. He obtained a flight instructor’s certificate for gliders in 1993 and for powered aircraft in 1997. He’s been flying as an active pilot with Avies in the double-engine turbo-prop planes Let 410 and Turbine Islander. At present he carries out airborne tasks for the Land Board in their Cessna Caravan.

    Instrument rating training

    8,850 €

    Instrument flight training consists of a minimum of 50 flight hours, which are conducted pursuant to instrument flight rules. Prerequisites for course: a valid PPL licence with an NQ (night flight) rating or an ATPL licence in any other plane category or a CPL licence in the same plane category and a valid medical certificate […]

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