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    Toomas Uibo

    Toomas has been flying since the early 2000s and he graduated as a flight instructor in 2003 in Sweden. At the NAA aviation school he lectures on the Aviation Act and flight rules and also gives practical flying classes. However, flying is only his hobby – on a day-to-day basis he works in the engineering industry. He has amassed around 1300 hours of flying experience, but his love of flying is as strong as ever.

    NR course in an aircraft

    1,550 €

    Night rating means that you can fly after sunset in VFR conditions. Prerequisites for course: a PPL(A) licence; and a valid SEP(A) or MEP(A) Land rating. VFR flights can be conducted only if the cloud base is no less than 2000 ft and horizontal visibility is at least 8 km.  


    PPL theory course

    2,100 €

    Most of this training is conducted in a convenient distance learning format, which means you can study whenever and wherever you want. Each subject is summarised during seminars held on weekends (usually once every two weeks). There you can ask the instructor questions and discuss more complex issues. Following the seminar we recommend immediately taking […]

    7 lessonsBeginner

    PPL training in an aircraft

    11,880 €

    A private pilot has the right to operate as a captain or co-pilot on non-commercial flights on aircraft complying with the class or type rating indicated on the permit. The initial licence permits you to fly during the day in visual flight conditions in piston-model single-engine aircraft, which are classified as single-pilot planes (mainly Cessna, […]

    25 lessonsBeginner
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