Lecturer Profile

    Tõnis Lepp

    Tõnis performed his first solo flight in a glider in 1980. He obtained a powered aircraft licence in 1996. The following year he obtained a certificate as a commercial pilot and flight instructor. It’s difficult to find a small aeroplane in Estonia that Tõnis hasn’t flown. Flying has been his passion since his early years. He now also has a helicopter pilot’s certificate.
    Nordic Aviation Academy

    Erapiloodi praktika helikopteril

    48,600 €

    A private pilot has the right to operate as a captain or co-pilot on non-commercial flights in helicopters complying with the type rating indicated on the permit. The initial licence permits you to fly during the day in visual flight conditions in piston-model single-engine helicopters, which are classified as single-pilot aircraft (e.g. the Robinson 22, […]

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