Cessna 150

Development of the Model 150 began in the mid-1950s with the decision by Cessna Aircraft to produce a successor to the popular Cessna 140 which finished production in 1951. The main changes in the 150 design were the use of tricycle landing gear, which is easier to learn to use than the tailwheel landing gear of the Cessna 140, and replacing the rounded wingtips and horizontal and vertical stabilizers with more modern, squared-off profiles. In addition, the narrow, hinged wing flaps of the 140 were replaced by larger, far more effective Flower flaps.

The Cessna 150 prototype first flew on September 12, 1957, with production commencing in September 1958 at Cessna’s Wichita, Kansas plant. 216 aircraft were also produced by Reims Aviation under license in France. These French manufactured 150s were designated Reims F-150, the “F” indicating they were built in France.

American-made 150s were all produced with the Continental O-200-A 100 hp (75 kW) engine, but the Reims-built aircraft are powered by a Rolls-Roice-built Continental O-200-As, with some Continental O-240-A powered versions.

All Cessna 150s have very effective flaps that extend 40 degrees.

C150 1 hour rental price is 216 euros. This price includes:

1. Fuel from Naftelf in Tallinn
2. Domestic airport fees
3. Domestic navigation fees
4. Domestic parking fees (24h)
5. VAT

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General characteristics:
Crew: 1 pilot
Empty weight: 509 kg
MTOM: 726 kg
Powerplant: Continental O-200-A, 100 Hj
Maximum speed: 125 Mph (ca 200 km/h)
Range: 770 km
Service seiling: 4300 m

Source: Wikipedia