Erapiloodi praktika helikopteril

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Difficulty: Beginner

A private pilot has the right to operate as a captain or co-pilot on non-commercial flights in helicopters complying with the type rating indicated on the permit. The initial licence permits you to fly during the day in visual flight conditions in piston-model single-engine helicopters, which are classified as single-pilot aircraft (e.g. the Robinson 22, Robinson 44 or Enström 480).

As all helicopters are different, it is not as easy to jump from one helicopter to another as it is with small aircraft. To fly certain other helicopters you must complete type-competence training. The NAA gives you the chance to choose between a Robinson 44 and an Enström 480. Both have four seats, but the flight hour prices differ – Robinson 44: €675 + VAT; Enström 48: €890 + VAT.


Tõnis Lepp

Tõnis performed his first solo flight in a glider in 1980. He obtained a powered aircraft licence in 1996. The following year he obtained a certificate as a commercial pilot and flight instructor. It’s difficult to find a small aeroplane in Estonia that Tõnis hasn’t flown. Flying has been his passion since his early years. He now also has a helicopter pilot’s certificate.