IR theory course

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Difficulty: Advanced
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An instrument rating qualification permits you to fly in IMC conditions, which are less than visual flight (VMC) conditions. The term ‘instrument’ used in this rating means that the pilot flies using only the instruments in the plane. The qualification gives you greater possibilities to land at the desired time and the desired airport. If you plan to fly with the aim of developing your business, this qualification is definitely for you.

The theory course consists of 150 ground hours, 100 of which are completed independently at home. Practical flying consists of 50 flight hours.

The theory course includes the following subjects:

Subject Home study Class room study
Air Law 15h 5h
Aircraft general knowledge 36h 10h
Flight planning 32h 9h
Human factor 10h 3h
Meteorology 36h 9h
Navigation 36h 9h
Radio Communication 16h 5h
Repetition 23h


Liina Rätsep

After graduating from flying school, Liina started working with the Police and Border Guard Board Flight Squadron. There she flew an L-410 for three years. At the same time she started lecturing in flying theory to private pilots and later conducting flight classes. Since summer 2014 she has flown as a co-pilot with airBaltic. Her plane type is a turbo-prop Bombardier Dash-8.