Instrument rating training

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Difficulty: Advanced
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Instrument flight training consists of a minimum of 50 flight hours, which are conducted pursuant to instrument flight rules. Prerequisites for course:

a valid PPL licence with an NQ (night flight) rating
an ATPL licence in any other plane category
a CPL licence in the same plane category
a valid medical certificate (Class 1)
ICAO English (min. level 4)
a minimum of 50 flight hours as a captain on a cruise flight

Of the 50 flight hours, 35 can be taken on a simulator. 15 flight hours must be flown in an aircraft. Simulator hours are completed in the FNPT II simulator at the Estonian Flight Academy.


Tiit Soorm

Tiit performed his first solo flight in a glider in 1973. He studied powered aircraft at an aviation club in the late 1980s. His plane model at the time was a single-engine Wilga 35 made in Poland. He obtained a flight instructor’s certificate for gliders in 1993 and for powered aircraft in 1997. He’s been flying as an active pilot with Avies in the double-engine turbo-prop planes Let 410 and Turbine Islander. At present he carries out airborne tasks for the Land Board in their Cessna Caravan.