Training flights

Training flights take place at Tallinn Airport and with the prior agreement of your instructor. You are assigned an instructor as soon as you sign up as a student. The most active time for flying is from spring to autumn, as we depend a lot on the weather. For visual flights we need certain visibility and a specific ceiling.

Before starting training flights you must obtain an airport permit. Tallinn Airport is an aviation security area where strict security rules apply. To obtain a permit, you must submit an extract from criminal records.

Here you can see the location of the rear gate of the airport at Väike-Sõjamäe 2 in Tallinn.

Before your introductory flight

Before your very first flight (see also Introductory flight) you’re not expected to have specific training. No airport permit is required either. The time of the first flight is agreed on the go with any of our instructors. It’s important that you wear comfortable clothing – in particular, shoes with a closed back part (beach footwear, high heels et al. are not suitable for aircraft).