PPL(A) flight training

PPL(A), a private pilot's flight training on an airplane, consists of a minimum of 45 flight hours.

To reach the permits, the student must fly a minimum of 10 hours of solos (the student is alone on the plane). The rest of the time is divided between solo and instructor-flown classes according to the student's competence.

Each student is assigned an individual flight instructor. Flight times are agreed by the instructor with the student on an ongoing basis according to the availability of the instructor, student and aircraft and the suitability of the weather.

We offer flight training in English, Estonian and Russian.

We usually fly Cessna C-150 type aircraft. We can also offer training with other aircraft, but in this case, different prices must also be taken into account. In most cases, flights start and end at Tallinn airport.

Flight hours are paid for on the basis of an invoice according to the hours flown last month. Records shall be kept to the nearest minute. The price of a flight hour includes all charges within Estonia (e.g. fuel, landing fees, etc.).

The price of a flight hour on a Cessna C-150 type aircraft is 250€+ VAT. The price of an hour of flight may change over time.

Nb! Due to the EASA regulation regarding the situation in Ukraine, it is not allowed to offer flight training to citizens of the Russian Federation.