Private Pilot Theory Course (PPL)

The Private Pilot Licence theory course consists of 9 subjects. Some subjects are common to both aircraft(A) and helicopter(H) pilots, but some are different.

All subjects consist of independent parts: selfstudy, homework and classroom seminar. All 3 parts are mandatory.

The seminar ends with a school examination in the relevant subject. Theory teaching materials and exams are in English. We offer seminars in both English and Estonian.

The cost of a theory course includes all the necessary teaching materials and fees for school exams. The theory course fee gives the student the right to attend all PPL seminars officially organized by the school for three consecutive years. The bill for the theory course must be paid in one installment, and the payment of the bill is a prerequisite for enrollment in the course.

The price of the theory course is 2000€+ VAT

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